Attendance at all rehearsals is expected with the following guidelines:

• Members are allowed three unexcused absences per year. This includes scouting activities, church related activities, other service organizations, family trips, weddings, work, sports and any other circumstance not listed below. Four unexcused absences constitute grounds for dismissal from the orchestra.

• Excused absences include illness, inclement weather, school music events (marching band, concerts/performances, concert tours, festivals, etc.), academic school trips, college testing, college visits. Members should use discretion in taking excused absences, as participation in rehearsals is vital to the musical success of the orchestra. Any student with more than five excused absences may be asked to re-audition for continued participation in the orchestra.

• All members are required to report absences at their earliest convenience, at the latest by 8:00 pm the day before rehearsal (illness and inclement weather permitted after the fact).

• The success of this orchestra is based on the sincere and honest commitment of all members.

Report all absences using the form below:

Angela Wodehouse – Attendance chairman (