Membership Responsibilities

  1. Demonstrate commitment to your orchestra by attending regularly and by always being in the rehearsal hall no later than ten minutes before the start of the rehearsal, so that rehearsals can begin promptly at 7:00 pm without the disruption of latecomers.
  2. Membership in the RSYO is a privilege.  That privilege can be withdrawn for lack of application, poor behavior, or persistent talking during rehearsals.
  3. Attendance at all rehearsals is expected with the following guidelines:
    Members are allowed three unexcused absences per year. This includes scouting activities, church related activities, other service organizations, family trips, weddings, work, sports and any other circumstance not listed below. Four unexcused absences constitute grounds for dismissal from the orchestra. Excused absences include illness, inclement weather, school music events (marching band, concerts/performances, concert tours, festivals, etc.), academic school trips, college testing, college visits. Members should use discretion in taking excused absences, as participation in rehearsals is vital to the musical success of the orchestra. Any student with more than five excused absences may be asked to re-audition for continued participation in the orchestra. Students will be called at home if they miss a rehearsal without an excuse. Absences shall be reported to the rehearsal manager at prior to the rehearsal. Advance written notice of absence may be required.
  4. Members are required to take music home to practice.  There shall be no assigned folders left in the rehearsal hall after rehearsals.  Take your orchestra music to your private teacher if necessary.
  5. Rehearsals are not practice – practice your music at home and come to rehearsals knowing the notes.  You may be asked to demonstrate for the entire orchestra, so come prepared.
  6. Bring a pencil and a music stand to ALL rehearsals.
  7. Lost or damaged music will be replaced at the cost of replacement, and at the expense of the responsible individual.
  8. All string players should bring a mute to all rehearsals.  Brass players should be aware of requirements for your part.
  9. Members should check the RSYO website weekly for confirmation of rehearsal location and rehearsal order at the Weekly Rehearsal Order page.
    Boys: Black tuxedo or black suit, white shirt, black bow tie, black socks and black dress shoes.
    Girls: A long black dress (no shorter than between the ankle and the calf), with sleeves no shorter than elbow length and modest neckline or long black skirt, (no shorter than between the ankle and the calf), or black full cut dress slacks and a black top with sleeves no shorter than elbow length and modest neckline, black or neutral stockings, and black shoes. Please Note: Dresses used by the RSJSO are acceptable. For information concerning the purchase of these dresses, please contact Mrs. Shelley Baumgarten at 610-327-2610 or email
  11. Tuition of $260 includes a ticket to RSO Saturday evening classical concerts as well as membership in the Parents Association.  Students are expected to attend the concerts as part of their commitment to the RSYO.  Parents are entitled to a 50% discount for tickets to a concert that their child will attend.